The two teams entered the stadium with Billy Wright and Stan Cullis leading Wolves onto the pitch.  There was a terrific atmosphere and what a noise the Wolves’ fans made to greet their heroes.

Jesse Pye gave Wolves a two goal lead in the first half but Leicester pulled one back after halftime through Griffiths.  In the second half Sammy Smythe picked up the ball in the centre circle, tore through the Leicester defence and buried the deciding goal to send the fans into ecstasy.

A great headline from the Sporting Star,
simple and straight to the point and for only 1 and a half pennies, a real bargain

Bert’s ticket which enabled him to gain access at the players’ entrance at Wembley

Parading the cup, Billy Wright held aloft with Bert having a few words

Out of Wembley and off to the Café Royal for the banquet
The players would spend the night at the Café Royal and return home to Wolverhampton the next day

A splendid feast for a triumphant team

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