WBAY-TV in England

In October 1995 WBAY-TV sent a camera crew to England to film the Packer Hall of Fame and the gathering of Packer fans to watch a tape of the victory over the Vikings at Lambeau Field.  Reporter Jeff Alexander and cameraman Bill Kumbalek landed in Manchester and were driven to Lancaster whilst Terry Ainsworth filled them in with the history of the Packer fan club.  They stayed in Lancaster with Terry and Margaret Ainsworth and were the first visitors from Wisconsin to visit the Hall of Fame.  They would be followed in the course of time by Red and Pat Cochran and Jack and Elaine Kaster.

Every week a tape of the Packer game was sent to England and this was then viewed 6 days after the game was played (In 2017 we watch all games live).  Miller Lite and sandwiches are available throughout the game and when we watched Monday Night Kick Off and the Mike Holmgren Show.

On the last night of the visit after all the filming had been completed Margaret was determined to show Jeff & Bill some Packer hospitality.  Drinking English beer, Tequila and Sambuca Margaret and Jeff led the way with Bill and Terry in the rear.  Returning to the airport the “morning after” remarks like “never again” and “it must have been something I ate” were much to the fore.  All we could say that a rematch will take place in Green Bay as soon as possible.

The end product of all the filming was shown on Action 2 News in Green Bay early in November and from what we heard the city of Lancaster, England was very well received.

On visits to Green Bay I appeared on a few television shows and numerous radio shows including a radio phone in with my friend Anthony Dilweg (more on him later).

One of the radio programmes was WIXX but I have no recollection of what we talked about.

Tailgating with Jeff Alexander (2nd left) at Lambeau Field in the rematch

Radio WIXX appearance


In those far-off days, I had an ice cream business and the famous Packer helmet is shown on the van with the slogan “simply the best” which referred to the Green Bay Packers and the ice cream. Of course, I always wore my Packer cap.

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