Top 5 goal scorers in England

I contacted some friends who log onto the website regularly and asked them to send me their choices for the “top 5 goal scorers in England from 1888 - 2016”.  They duly obliged and their choices are quite diverse and yet nearly all of them recognise goal scorers from the past. I have listed their choices below giving 5 points for the 1st choice down to 1 point for the 5th choice.

Alan Main Jimmy Greaves Ian Rush Dixie Dean Joe Payne Denis Law

Keith Miller Dennis Law Jimmy Greaves Nat Lofthouse Tommy Taylor Arthur Rowley

Dan Potticary Alan Shearer Teddy Sherringham Ruud van Nistelrooy Jimmy Greaves Malcolm MacDonald

Keith Stockdale Jimmy Greaves Nat Lofthouse Ray Pointer Stan Mortensen Denis Law

Ray Simpson Jimmy Greaves Tommy Lawton Nat Lofthouse Dixie Dean Stan Mortensen

Andy Chappell Jimmy Greaves Geoff Hurst Peter Lorimer Clive Allen Derek Dougan

Mike Whalley John Goodall Dixie Dean Jimmy Greaves Steve Bloomer Tommy Lawton

Frank Wilkinson Dennis Law Bobby Charlton Tommy Lawton Dixie Dean Ian Rush

Anonymous 1 Jimmy Greaves Alan Shearer John Charles Arthur Rowley Tommy Lawton

David Taylor Jimmy Greaves Charlie Buchan Jimmy Dimmock Cliff Bastin Tommy Lawton

Jim Stone Jesse Pye Alan Shearer Jack Rowley Trevor Ford Nat Lofthouse

Peter Blackburn Dixie Dean Alan Shearer Nat Lofthouse Stan Mortensen Jimmy Greaves

Gil Prescott Jimmy Greaves Alan Shearer Stan Mortensen John Charles Gary Lineker

Terry Ainsworth Jimmy Greaves Dixie Dean Steve Bloomer Charlie Buchan Tommy Lawton

Anonymous 2 Jimmy Greaves Nat Lofthouse Stan Mortensen Alan Shearer Dixie Dean

Steve Perryman Jimmy Greaves Dixie Dean Alan Shearer Malcolm Macdonald Alan Gilzean

Brian Cottam Jimmy Greaves Dixie Dean Cliff Bastin Alan Gilzean Jimmy Dimmock

Bob Tyson (Drifter) Cliff "Boy" Bastin Jimmy Greaves Stan Mortensen Dixie Dean Bobby Charlton

Dave Hodkinson Jimmy Greaves Dixie Dean Arthur Rowley Brian Clough Bert Lister

Tommy Pinder Steve Bloomer Jimmy Greaves Bobby Charlton Kevin Hector Thierry Henry

Andy Bain Dixie Dean Jimmy Greaves Jeff Astle Jackie Milburn Tom Finney

Tom Sawyer Jimmy Greaves Alan Shearer Ian Rush Luis Suarez Keith Borrowdale

Alan Cross Jimmy Greaves Cliff Bastin Dixie Dean Charlie Buchan Tommy Lawton

John Schofield Jimmy Greaves Alan Shearer Gary Lineker Malcolm Macdonald Nat Lofthouse

Paddy Rooke Jimmy Greaves Cliff Bastin Dixie Dean Tommy Lawton Charlie Buchan

Eric Ball Jimmy Greaves Arthur Rowley Jimmy Dimmock Brian Clough Tommy Lawton

The top 5 goal scorers are.....

1st Jimmy Greaves

2nd Dixie Dean

3rd Alan Shearer

4th Nat Lofthouse

5th Cliff Bastin

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