The reception in Wolverhampton

The team received a wonderful reception from their supporters when they returned home.

A local character, Jotter Perrins, who was a well-known long distance runner, had decided to run to Wembley to watch the Cup Final.  He bought all his running kit from Bert’s sports shop and duly set out for Wembley in high spirits and anticipation.  When he got there he was so tired he fell asleep and missed the match.

A local headmaster had asked if it was possible to take the cup to his school to show the children.  Bert asked Stan Cullis for permission and Stan reluctantly said yes.  But as Bert walked out of his office Stan shouted, “If you flippin lose it, you’ll flippin pay for it”.  Bert had visions of playing for 15 years for nothing if such a disaster happened.  The cup was taken round several local schools and clubs and crowds of people would turn up to see the treasured artefact.

The FA Cup on display at a home game

Bert’s daughter, Annette, pictured with her pet Pekinese dog, Robin, who must be the only dog in the world to have sat in the FA Cup

One of many cartoons about Wolves by Wayne of the Black Country Bugle

A special reception at the Civic Hall with the coveted trophy

The ticket for the Civic Banquet to recognise the fantastic achievement

The commemorative tie presented to the team
shows a rampant Wolf reaching upwards to the cup,
very apt

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