The Commissioner calls

Whilst attending a National Football League dinner in Washington Ray was telling the commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, about this fan who lived in England and who loved the Green Bay Packers so much that he and a friend, Peter Jones, had started their own Hall of Fame to honour former Green Bay greats.  A few days after this function Ray rolled up to the Midway Motel in Green Bay with a package that the commissioner had sent to me – a Packer jersey, No 1, complete with my name on the back.

That present still holds pride of place in my home and I never look at it without thinking of a young kid who had a tough upbringing in Chicago and against all the odds turned into a warm compassionate human being who brought joy into people’s lives.

Ray Nitschke always went the extra yard for his friends.

Letter from Paul Tagliabue to Ray Nitschke with the jersey


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