Second Quarter

Willie Davis was a small college product from Grambling College in Louisiana.  In the 17th round of the 1955 National Football league player draft, the Cleveland Browns took a flyer and selected little known Willie.  Willie’s initial encampment with the Browns lasted three weeks.  Uncle Sam told Davis if he had to play football it would be with a service team.  It was a blessing in disguise.  Not only did Willie mature during his two-year Army stint but he added some beef to his 6ft 3inches frame and re-joined the Browns in 1958 as a 245-pound bear.  Because of injuries to the offensive line, Willie was moved to the offense exclusively in 1959.  He didn’t like that and disliked even more what happened the following year, being traded to Green Bay.  He remembers, “The last thing on my mind was being traded away from the Browns.  I didn’t like it, Cleveland was my team.  I knew little about Green Bay, only that the Packers had been through some lean years and the weather up there was said to be something awful.”  After talking to Vince Lombardi, he was made to feel that he could help the Packers, and the rest as they say, “is history”.

I wrote to Willie and asked him many questions about his time in Green Bay and his thoughts on football in general.  Here are his replies.


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