Return of “The Cat

Following Bert’s successful game at Tottenham against Italy he returned to London for a game against the Arsenal.  In December 1949 Wolves and Arsenal met at Highbury in front of 60,000 fans.  Wolves had faltered a little in the title chase but went in front in the first minute through Jimmy Mullen and the rest as they say is history.

Wally Barnes had never missed a penalty for Arsenal in his career and he took an extra-long run to get more power behind his shot.  Bert remembered his Dad’s advice whenever he faced a penalty, “Don’t be afraid son, throw your cap in the corner of the goal and show your confidence”.

Bert couldn’t remember if he was wearing his cap that day and all he remembers is a ferocious shot that flew to his left.  The shot was hit with such power that it nearly took Bert with it as he turned it around the post for a corner.

Wally Barnes said to the press afterwards, “That penalty I took against Wolves was the best I’ve ever taken and I’d like to know how Bert Williams ever got to it”?

Bert received a standing ovation from the entire stadium at the end of the game that ended 1-1, something that he never forgot.

The impeccable Bert Williams saves again

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