Raymond Berry on Henry Jordan

Ray Nitschke talked to me long and often about Raymond Berry and John Unitas and how highly he rated them.  I don’t think Ray ever thought that combination had been bettered.  So, if memory serves me right, I rang Raymond in Golden, Colorado and what an absolute gentleman he was.  He listened carefully as I told him about my American travels and my connection and support of the Green Bay Packers.  Ray Nitschke had said that his understanding with Unitas was almost telepathic and that Berry worked diligently on precise routes.  He regularly worked with Unitas after practice and fine-tuned their timing to perfection.  He told me about an experience he had playing in Los Angeles when before the game he was running his routes but every time he caught a pass he was out of bounds.  He suggested that the field was not marked out to the correct width and when the officials checked they found the width of the pitch was 5 yards short.

 “What can I do to aid your quest for information Terry?” was his reply when I asked him to help with gathering information and stories about former opponents.  This is the letter he wrote about Henry Jordan as well as an action photograph.  Apparently Raymond’s statistics show that he only dropped two passes in his career, quite unbelievable but testament to a great professional athlete.

Ray also said that a teammate of his, Jim Parker, rated Henry Jordan as the very best opponent he had ever faced.


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