Quarterback and a gentleman

I met Anthony Dilweg on one of our visits to Green Bay and I had made this my number one objective after reading all about his grandfather, Lavvie.  As soon as I met Anthony after practice and started talking about Lavvie he was simply dumbfounded that someone from England would know anything about his grandfather.

Meeting someone who was to become a great friend, Anthony Dilweg, in 1990

We had dinner with Anthony and some friends in Green Bay and saw him on numerous occasions on that particular visit.  On a subsequent visit, having been invited to stay with Anthony and his wife Jamie, in North Carolina we arrived to find that he was playing for a team coached by Forest Gregg in a southern state but the name of the team and state has slipped from my memory.  We talked a few times on the phone and we had a marvellous holiday thanks to the welcome from Jamie.  I remember going out for dinner, just the three of us, and while we were waiting to be served either Margaret or Jamie (I deny being involved) picked up a jug of water and lent across the table to fill our glasses.  In the process, a candle was knocked over and set fire to some napkins but all was not lost as a guy on the next table threw another jug of water over the flames.  That happening still raises a smile in our household.

Jamie and Margaret, in green & gold, pictured at Duke University

Even though we had missed out on seeing Anthony on this trip we made another flight to South Carolina and stayed with friends Woody & Carol Fischbach who lived in Columbia.  Jamie drove for about 3 or 4 hours to join us and then made the return trip after a wonderful dinner.

An after-dinner photograph


Margaret making a good job of getting to the quarterback

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