This is the final article on my Green Bay Packer story.  I know this series of memories would have been welcomed by people like Ray Nitschke, Red Cochran, Art Daley and Bob Harlan and I hope that they have been read by their families.  I will sign off with a few photos from the past but the rest of my memories and letters will stay in England.

Pat & Red Cochran with Margaret in Lancaster, England

Red Cochran & Margaret at the Cochran’s cottage

Red Cochran & Terry in Green Bay and what a wonderful friendship
we had with the Cochran’s and how kind they were to us

Terry with Max McGee in Tampa, Florida


Margaret & Terry with the Art Daley family at the Oneida Golf Club

Terry & Margaret with Anthony Dilweg in Columbia, South Carolina

Margaret & Gayle Mariucci in Green Bay, Wisconsin

The great Ray Nitschke & Dick Butkus flanking Terry in Chicago
and Ray really did have a dog called “Butkus

Terry & Ray Nitschke watching a game on television, eating peanuts and drinking diet coke while Margaret and Jackie Nitschke were on a girls’ night out – BLISS

Peter Jones, a fan who is maybe only second to Lee Remmel when it comes
to talking history, has a phenomenal recollection of statistics and dates
It looks like Peter & Terry are heading away from Lambeau Field,
possibly for a beer in Krolls with Mike and Kathy

Ray Nitschke & Terry before a game against Tampa Bay

This was the game when I was allowed into the locker room before the game and then watched from the side-lines before joining Ray in the second half

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