Lon & Marion Evans in Green Bay

Lon and I arrived in Green Bay and checked into the Astor Hotel where Lou had stayed the season before with all the single players.  This did not work very well, as you can imagine, and we looked for other living arrangements.

We then moved into a big, older home owned by a Belgian lady.  The only drawback was the fact that our suite did not have a private bath.  We had only been there a few days when the landlady told Lon that she would have to ask us to leave.  She exclaimed, “Your wife has been here four days, and has taken four baths!”  The next day Lon’s close friend and team-mate Mike Michalske came to our rescue.  He and his wife found us a nice apartment close to Joannes Park, where the Packers practised each day.

I was, I remember, a very poor cook, so we ended up going downstairs to eat dinner as often as I tried to fix it at home.  We usually ended up at Kaap’s.  It was a unique German restaurant with huge round mahogany tables and booths.  They made their own bread, pastries and candies which were on display in another section of the restaurant.  Green Bay was famous for its beer and cheeses.  On Friday nights it was fun to go downtown to the taverns for fish fries, featuring lake trout.  All the townspeople turned out and they were so friendly to the Packers, their team.  It was like a big family gathering.  Many members of the team and their wives would get together and go out and eat in the evening.  Often we would drive to Sturgeon Bay, famous for its seafood, and I also remember a place called Mary Drury’s that served delicious chicken dinners.  We would make the trip, four or five couples, and have such a good time seeing the bay.  Wisconsin’s Indian Summer was painted with the brilliance of leaves changing colours on huge trees.  For a young girl from Cleburne, Texas, these were really special times for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the new surroundings and new friends.

Marion Evans, a fashionable lady


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