Links to external websites will be included here that might be of interest to people who visit the site and will not be exclusively football related.

I read about the resurgence of this great old club and contacted the chairman, Richard Tims, about becoming a member and in some small way helping him in preserving the history of the game. Richard sent me a pack of information and I would ask you all to log onto the Sheffield FC website and learn about a grassroots football success.

I have a tab called “Immortals” on the website which looks predominantly at football players plus an occasional cricketer or boxer but recently I came across another website that looks at immortals across all sports from 1800-2013 and what a fascinating read it is.

The Till Rock Band finds its way onto my website because of its connection to the Till’s of Caton, Jimmy and Arthur, who blazed a trail across the Lancaster area before and after WWII in the world of sporting achievement.  Arthur was an outstanding cricketer and his son Michael has put together this wonderful story.

Steve Perryman needs no introduction to followers of football and Tottenham Hotspur fans in particular.  I was fortunate enough to meet up with Steve in 2015 at the Globe Arena, Morecambe and he sat down with me and talked about his life and football career. Click here for the "Guest Writer" article of Steve’s life in football.

Bill Parkinson is a “Lancaster Lad” who excelled in football, athletics and swimming at Skerton School.  As a teenager he formed a music group called “The Leaders” and went on to forge an incredible career as a musician and songwriter. Click here for a more extensive narrative on this talented young man.

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