Lights came on at Molineux

After some major investment in the very latest lighting at Molineux, Wolves moved into a very different era.  A series of games took place against some of the best football teams in Europe, including Moscow Spartak, Honved, Moscow Dynamo, Red Banner, Real Madrid and First Vienna.  The first game was against the South African National side which Wolves won comfortably by 3-1.  Stan Cullis had always been keen that Wolves took on the very best that Europe had to offer.

Wolves on tour in 1955 to play Moscow Dynamo and lose 2-3

It was a very exciting period for Wolves and as they were representing England they made sure they didn’t let the country down.  When Wolves arrived in Russia they were given interpreters and afforded the opportunity to see many of the things that were closely linked with the Russian Revolution.  Bert felt very lucky having had the chance to experience first-hand some of the memorabilia from the pre-revolution era when Russia was ruled by the Czars.  The team visited the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin and visited a host of historical buildings as well as travelling down the River Volga on a pleasure boat.

Bert and the rest of the Wolves team
walking round Red Square before the game

This is a newspaper cutting from one of the Russian games,
Bert had quite a collection but hadn’t a clue what was being reported. 
He just hoped that it said something like Wolves were
admirable opponents and played good football.

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