Final visit to Green Bay

In 1999 along with my wife Margaret we visited Green Bay once again to catch up with old friends and watch some Packer football.  A friend of ours from England also arrived in Wisconsin while we were there, Peter Jones, whose knowledge of American football and the Green Packers is unrivalled.

Before the game started we were guests of Fox11 on “Sideline Live” as can be seen in the photograph and were chosen as “Packer Fanatics” receiving a cheque for $250 which we donated to a local charity.

As I write this article in 2017 we haven’t been back to Green Bay but I suppose never say never but age is catching up with us now and most of our friends from the1980s & 90s have sadly passed away but will never be forgotten.

Peter has the comfortable seat as I stand behind

Peter Jones and myself deep in conversation
and no doubt heading for Krolls Bar & Restaurant to chat with Mike and Kathy


Krolls Bar with Mike and Kathy

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