“Fair Catch” Bryant

On a visit to South Carolina I was fortunate to meet up with a former Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Bobby Bryant, and what a pleasure it was.  Bobby played for 14 seasons as a Viking and was known as “Fair Catch” Bryant.  Bud Grant’s policy was to “fair catch” on all punts to avoid any turnovers and concentrate instead on rushing the kicker.  Bobby said it was more than his job was worth to go against the coach even when on many occasions he had plenty of open space in front of him.  Bobby played in 4 Superbowls and went to the 1975 Pro Bowl after being drafted in the 7th round in 1967 out of South Carolina.

Terry Ainsworth with Bobby Bryant

On one of my visits to Green Bay and I can’t remember the year I got to meet another great quarterback who was at Lambeau Field for a game.  It was possible that he was there to witness a record of his being broken by Brett Favre.  Ron played 116 consecutive games for the Philadelphia Eagles and of course this was overtaken by Brett Favre and others in the passage of time.

Ron Jaworski and Terry prior to a game in Green Bay


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