England versus Wales

This game was always keenly fought and Bert played four times against Wales, winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 1.  In October 1949 England won 4-1.  Trevor Ford was the Welsh centre forward and was a hard and determined player as the photograph shows.  By the way it wasn’t a foul just slight contact.

Trevor Ford & Bert collide in mid-air
during the game at Ninian Park

Once again, the great man in action, always getting two hands on the ball.  Another incident from the 1949 game at Ninian Park

Bert remembers running out onto the field at Ninian Park and finding leeks planted between the goalposts - thinking he had run into an allotment he removed them and was booed by the crowd.

Bert, with his faithful old cap, foils centre forward Trevor Ford once again

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