Bulk St Annes Handbooks

Formed in season 1952-53 Bulk St Annes were special in that they, along with Galgate, were the only clubs to produce a club handbook and looking at it now over 60 years later does nothing but emphasise what a forward looking club they were.

Bulk St Annes 1953-54

Back Row (L-R)
Ken Dodd (secretary), Terry Denwood, Billy Fox, Dick Chapman, Gordon Bartle,
J Sanderson, Dave Townley, Norman Gorrill (Mayor of Lancaster)

Front Row (L-R)
D Dodd, T Tindall, J Carr, S Wright, Derek Shannon, Malcolm Mangan

Harry Sanderson’s handbook

Page 1 shows a committee of 11 with the landlord of the Crown Inn,
Alan Herbert, being one of the main supporters

The Crown Inn was a hotbed of sport and the vault always seemed full of
cigarette smoke with lads playing darts in front of a roaring fire

The handbook consisted of 11 pages and other information revealed that in their first season the club travelled 430 miles to away games.  They conceded 22 goals, the lowest number in all four senior divisions with an average age of 20 years.  The club were proud of the fact that they conceded only one penalty and that was for a handball not a foul.  The club colours were red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts and where a clash of colours occurred they would switch to blue shirts.

Page 2 shows 13 Vice-Presidents including local brewers, Yates & Jacksons,
plus the Mayor, Norman Gorrill, as President

Fascinating detail on page 3 shows that Bulk finished in 2nd place in division 4 in their first season
with Charlie Whitehead, Stan Wright and Harry Sanderson being the leading marksmen

From a football historian’s point of view page 5 is an absolute goldmine as it shows the club colours of the teams in Division 3 of the North Lancs League.  In an age when coloured photographs were some way in the future it reveals the marvellous combinations of colour that were devised or maybe copied from some favourite team in the football league.  Could Bulk St Annes have copied Arsenal and did Lancaster YMCA have a leaning towards Blackpool with their colourful tangerine shirts?  Simply looking at the photograph of the Bulk St Annes team at the beginning of this article would not help in identifying the shirt colour.  Is it green, blue or red but now thanks to this innovative club many other club colours have been revealed in all their glory?  Bulk St Annes, in my memory, always played on the Number 2 pitch on Ryelands Park.

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