Billy Wright’s statue

To the best goalie, Wolves and England ever had” said Sir Jack Hayward, president of Wolves, and underneath Billy Wright’s wife, Joy of the Beverley Sisters signs as she always did “Billy’s Joy

Wolves skipper and legend, Billy Wright

Billy Wright’s statue was a fitting tribute to one of Wolves great players

Pictured in front of the statue are from the left, Bill Slater, Bert Williams, Billy’s Joy, Malcolm Finlayson and Bill Shorthouse

Journalist Tony Butler had harsh words to say about goalkeepers since WWII.  “Since the war, I can’t go back any further England has produced only one, possibly two, world class goalkeepers.  The outstanding player was Wolves Bert Williams.  He came to his peak a little before television became our God.  He was the greatest of them all, and he looked the part.  His feats in Europe with Wolves and England earned him the title “The Cat”, and he deserved it.

The other keeper I rate highly, although I have had my doubts from time to time, is Nottingham Forest’s Peter Shilton.  These two can claim the title great.  The rest, Gordon Banks, Frank Swift, Gil Merrick were very good, but not great in the sense of Williams and Shilton.  The others, Ray Clemence, Ted Ditchburn, the list is endless, were sound.  That is the word I would use to describe most of the goalkeepers in the top flight today.  When you think that players like Joe Corrigan and Jimmy Rimmer have played for England, and men like Sam Bartram never got a single cap, you wonder if the game has lost its marbles.

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