An unusual suggestion

I believe my good friend Lee Remmel instigated this event possibly with a nudge from Mike Holmgren.  I had many wonderful conversations with Lee over the years and his knowledge of Packer history is unsurpassed.  Dinner with him and his wife at the Oneida Golf & Country Club is a treasured memory as was appearing on the Mike Holmgren Show.  Mike was always ready to chat and supplied me with an official pass to watch practice as can be seen below.

The idea was that I should give a “Press Conference” and sit in the same chair as the Head Coach used to do.  I will never forget the look on Lee’s face as he sat to one side of the table, utter bemusement on his face, watching the 30+ journalists who had convened for this event.  I have no idea now of the questions or the answers but it all went down very well and even at the end the journalists switched on their audio recorders and asked more questions.

As you can see Lee couldn’t quite believe it but it was great fun

I never knew a man with such knowledge of the Green Bay Packers as Lee Remmel

Inside Mike Holmgren’s office


Sitting at coach’s desk with Mike Holmgren as the camera man

Facing the reporters before the cameras started to roll

In the WIXX studio for an interview and a phone in

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