A few photographs

The first photograph shows the England squad training.

(L-R): Tom Finney, Billy Wright, Bert Williams, Bernard Stretton,
Neil Franklin, Johnny Aston and Willy Watson who also played cricket for England

England team that met Denmark in Copenhagen in 1953

Back Row (L-R)
Alf Ramsey, Sid Owen, Bert Williams, Bedford Jezzard, Doug Lishman, Ray Barlow

Middle Row (L-R)
Jackie Sewell, Billy Wright, Don Roper

Front Row (L-R)
Peter Harris, Bill Eckersley

A team photograph with a few members of the Football Association along for the party, thank goodness, they are not named.

Back Row (L-R)
Johnny Aston, AN Other, Alan Chilton, Alf Ramsey, AN Other, Bobby Langton,
Walter Winterbottom, Stan Matthews, AN Other, Jimmy Dickinson,
Bert Williams, Jackie Milburn, AN Other

Front Row (L-R)
AN Other, Eddie Baily, AN Other, AN Other, Fred Everiss, Billy Wright, Wilf Mannion

If ever a man deserved to be on an England football photograph it was Fred Everiss, a man who served football and his hometown club all his life.

Fred Everiss (born 1882 in West Bromwich) was secretary-manager of the English football club West Bromwich Albion and also served the club as assistant secretary and later as a director.  Everiss joined Albion's office staff in 1896 at the age of 14.  He was appointed secretary-manager in 1902 (aged just 20), a post he would hold until 1948. His 46 years in the job technically make him English football's longest-serving manager of all time, although much of his combined role was administrative, and the job of picking the team was left to the directors.  Indeed, Albion did not create the full-time post of 'manager' until Everiss left his position. He was made a director upon his retirement in 1948 but died three years later in 1951 at the age of 68.

The full England squad who beat West Germany 3-1 in 1954

Back Row (L-R)
Jimmy Trotter (trainer), Roger Byrne, Ron Staniforth, Bert Williams, Ray Wood,
Len Phillips, Roy Bentley, Joe Kennedy

Front Row (L-R)
Bill Slater, Stanley Matthews, Len Shackleton, Billy Wright,
Ronnie Allan, Tom Finney, Bill McGarry

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